Our next meeting

Where: Okotoks Firehall #1 on Milligan Drive

When: Tuesday April 21, 2015

Time: 19.30h

This will be our fourth meeting of the new year and a great chance to come out, socialize and assist the club with upcoming events.
We hope to see you there!

Scott Nalder VA6OC
Foothills Amateur Radio Association
president at fars dot ca

Repeater News – March 16 2015

FARS IRLP Node 1483 has moved to the VE6HRA Fusion Repeater at 147.000+ Tone Squelch 110.9.  This is a standalone node, not connected to the network.


Repeater News – February 1 2015

The Crossfield repeater is back on the air and linked to the FARS Repeater Network.
This is an interim deployment while we complete the permanent repeater hardware, but we thought it was important to get that site on the air and provide coverage to the north.

Note the new call sign and frequency: VE6HRF  –  145.350 PL 110.9Hz and CTCSS 110.9


Digital News – January 16, 2015

The VE6FIL repeater at CTV has been replaced with a Yaesu DR-1X Digital Repeater.
The frequency remains as 444.675+, and it is operating in digital only ( DN & VW ).
As before the upgrade, it is in stand-alone mode. Coverage of the Calgary area is expected to be excellent.


Digital News – November 22 2014

FARS has entered the digital radio age with the deployment of a new Yaesu System Fusion digital repeater at the VE6HRA site.

On an experimental basis, the HRA repeater has been replaced with a Yaesu DR-1X digital repeater. This repeater supports conventional analog FM mode, as well as the new C4FM digital modes. The frequencies will remain the same, 147.000+. The existing CTCSS output tone of 110.9Hz will remain, which is recommended for all radios to allow your analog receiver to remain silent during digital transmissions. A further configuration change to this repeater is that Tone Squelch is now required in Analog mode.  Tones are not required in Digital mode.

The new repeater is not linked to the FARS network during this testing phase. This is to allow proper configuration and qualification in the lab while a stable configuration is being developed.

The repeater is in “Automatic Mode Select” (AMS) mode to allow conversations using existing analog FM radios, and will intelligently switch to Narrow Digital or Wide Digital based on incoming signal type. The output mode will match the input mode.

I encourage those of you with Yaesu’s new digital radios to put this repeater through its paces.

This the second Yaesu Digital repeater in Alberta with the other located near Cochrane.  The HRA repeater will provide a good footprint through most of Calgary and areas south.

Feel free to provide feedback on your experiences to the commsdir at FARS email address.



High River Hospital Repeater Project Update

The 5.8 GHz link end points are in place at HRB and the Hospital.
Further alignment is required to improve signal strength and quality.

The UHF repeater has been installed at this site and is linked into the FARS network. It is on 443.550 +5mHz T110.9, callsign VA6HRH.